Tiger & Bunny @ Anime Expo 2012

Apparently I forgot to export and upload this Anime Expo video of me at the Tiger & Bunny cosplay meetup. Ooops.

So “fresh” from the archives, here’s me trying my best to not be a total fanboy as I interview cosplayers portraying characters from my favorite anime in the last 5 years.

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Review: Ouya is finally here! Oh no, it’s only okay…

So I finally got a chance to sit down and play the Ouya, courtesy of Binkley, as mine hasn’t arrived yet.  The Ouya is the new hyped console system that runs the Android operating system.  I won’t go over the specs but you can always check them out here.  The thought of a console that runs Android apps has me really excited with the possibility, that maybe it can bridge the gap between the casual and hardcore world, and open up new possibilities for developers.  However playing around with it I was kind of underwhelmed, but it does have a lot of potential it can grow into.


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True Justice & The True Justice Drinking Game (TM)

Thanks to Netflix, I have seen the future of Steven Seagal‘s career. It’s TV, and I’m not talking about that Lawman reality show of his.


Let’s start with looking at Seagal’s credits on True Justice. Beyond being the titular star (his name appears before the title), Seagal is a writer, executive producer, and creator of the show. I cannot think of any other project where Seagal has so much creative control, and his influence definitely shows.

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Cultural Wasteland: A Mini-Doc about the 909 Film Festival

We here at The KB Life have been busy helping IE Battlegrounds with their streaming. We’ll be back with new convention videos soon enough (summer con season is almost upon us).

In the meantime, here’s a mini-doc that Binkley worked on for the 909 Film Festival. Check it out and don’t forget the festival is open to ANYONE so totally submit if you’re a filmmaker (or animator) of any genre!

Cultural Wasteland- A Mini-Doc about the 909 Film Festival from Russ Gumbel on Vimeo.

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Cosplay @ PMX 2012

Ok so Binkley has been busy with classes and Guild Wars 2 (REAL TALK!).

With PMX around the corner, check out this video from the 2011 archives!

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