So you like stuff? So do we. Got an interest in games, movies, or TV shows? If you geek out about pop culture, your living the KB Life. We cover conventions, interview cosplayers, artists, and guests. If you
have a convention or something cool you would like to show the world, feel free to contact us. Also contact us if you have a particular guest or cosplayer you’d like to see us interview.

Note that some videos may contain strong language and SPOILERS.


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Binkley is a fan of Bloom County which is where his nick name comes from. People started calling him by his online handle and since he didn’t mind, the nick name has stuck. He considers himself a fighting game enthusiast, janktastic filmmaker, and B-movie lover. Binkley is also a fan of webcomics, board/card games, and Internet culture. He doesn’t eat beef (don’t ask why).


Chris as anime

Kirrus has been using the name Kirrus since 6th grade when he picked it as his AOL screen name. A gamer by trade and a gamer by choice, Kirrus ekes out a living as game designer, gets infuriated by Marvel vs Capcom 3, and does stand up about nerd life around the LA area. Things that make him geek out include games, comics, food, fashion, and Asian pop culture.

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