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  1. David Yanes says:

    Hi, my name is David and I’m an indie dev from a little studio called Bit Mass. We make a cool little digital CCG called Cards and Castles that is coming out on Steam this month! The game is a genre mashup of grid-based tactics and CCG; think Final Fantasy Tactics meets Hearthstone. Pretty straightforward!

    I really enjoyed your Solforge videos, and since Cards and Castles features similar tactical elements, I’m confident you’ll enjoy it. Of course we think our game is pretty awesome, and if you think it’s awesome too then it’d be great if you played it on your channel! We can provide you with several Steam keys to give away to your viewers, and we’ll tweet about your video to let our followers know about your channel too!

    Our game has been downloaded over 1 MILLION times on mobile, but we think we can do even better on Steam because it’s a hardcore game. So we’re really excited about this! If you’d like to give away keys, or have a different suggestion please get back to us soon. Thanks!

    David Yanes
    Producer, Bit Mass LLC
    Just a refresher: To redeem the key, open Steam, click “Games” > “Activate a Steam Product”

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