From the Archives: Wendy’s Con 5 (2015)

So from time to time I’ll be posting some older videos from various projects. A lot of these will be brony related for reasons I’ll get into some other day.

Here’a an interview from 2015 with Ross Shaw, the guy behind Wendy’s Con, a random gathering of bronies at a Wendy’s in Alhambra. It’s totally a grassroots effort.

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Solforge Weekend Warrior Draft Archived Stream

I’m trying to stream more regularly from now on, so expect archives and the like bi-weekly or so…

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SolForge Epic Misplay #2

Yup, this just happened on the stream…I’m the best!

Watch live video from TheKBLife on TwitchTV

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We’re All About Streaming Now!

For those not in the loop and wondering where all the content has gone, let’s just we’re pretty busy with “real life” issues (TM). Thus, for the conceivable future this blog will be mainly highlights from our twitch stream, which features mainly Digital Card Games such as SolForge and Hearthstone.

Will we ever be back with more videos or some other content? Probably, but don’t hold your breath…

In the meantime, enjoy stream highlights like this one:

Remember to follow us on twitch and twitter so you know when the stream goes live!

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Binkley’s SolForge Stream: Mondays @ 9PM Pacific!

So what is SolForge? It’s a cool new, free to play, digital ccg (collectible card game) by StoneBlade Entertainment, the makers of Ascension.

Both Binkley and Kirrus/HungerGamer are totally into this game, and every Monday at 9PM Pacific Binkley streams this game on

Watch live video from thekblife on TwitchTV

Check out a highlight below and if you’re interested, tune in every Monday at 9PM Pacific (or follow the channel on twitch or Binkley on twitter.

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